The Top Three Articles of the Week

Posted by JS Kim

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1. You Must Plan for the Next Financial Crisis BEFORE it Happens, Not While it is Happening

by JS Kim

Most people seem to believe that they have to lose a great deal of money when crises materialize and forget that it is absolutely possible to prosper during crises as well.”

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2. A crucial cycle is presently occurring!

by Chris Vermeulen – The Gold & Oil Report

“the investment community seems much closer to panic and hysteria than it does to euphoria and optimism. It would not take much more to depress the markets further;  however, it would take a lot to make it feel confident and secure about the Fed’s ability to stay ahead of “the curve” and manage the transition smoothly.

“Bearish trends of this week are extremely potent”

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3. Buy Gold, Sell the S&P

by Gary Christenson – The Deviant Investor

Buy low, sell high!  The better choices are buying gold and selling the S&P 500 Index and relevant stocks.


Examine the graph of the ratio of Gold to S&P 500 Index for the past 25 years.  The ratio is low now and likely will correct higher.  I think gold will move higher and the S&P will move lower.


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