The Titanic Sinks on Election Day

Posted by Gary Christenson - The Deviant InvestorInvestor

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First, this article does not oppose one candidate or the other.

Second, the “powers-that-be” have selected HRC as their choice for President to implement their agenda.

Third, in spite of voting machine “glitches”, the popular vote could go either way. Texas County Enacts “Emergency Paper Ballots”

Regardless of who the voting machines select as winner, the following questions have been mostly ignored by both candidates.

  • The US national debt (official only) is nearly $20 trillion and has approximately doubled every eight years. What is the plan for controlling the growth of that debt? Let it grow exponentially and assume something magical will fix it? Hope that congress will cut expenses? Wait for the Easter Bunny to deliver a pile of dollars from La-La land?

2016 approximately $20 trillion

2024 approximately $40 trillion

2032 approximately $80 trillion – really?

  •  Medicare, health insurance, and sick care costs are skyrocketing for individuals and governments. The latest Obamacare increases are frightening. What is the plan to manage and control price increases? Let prices increase until only congress can afford medical insurance? Bankrupt all pension plans that currently offer medical insurance? Wait for Santa to bring free universal health benefits to everyone at no cost to individuals or the government? More “hope and change?” The Easter Bunny again…




Tweet: “No longer affordable? It has NEVER been affordable!! My stepmom pays $879 a month w/ $4750 deductible on a 70/30 for herself.”

  • There is no strategy that wins a nuclear war – and the costs are enormous. Given that perspective, why are the US, Russia, China, and North Korea preparing for nuclear war? Why encourage nuclear war? Should we trust that nuclear war will not occur because the nuclear powers are merely using the threat of war as an excuse to bankrupt themselves by purchasing bombs and missile systems to initiate and counter an unwinnable first strike? What is the plan that reduces the probability of nuclear war and reduces the cost of weapons? More hope and change? Read: Dennis Kucinich on Warmongers.

Regardless of which candidate is selected the world and the US face huge self-created problems. As “Mish” says:

“Failure Guaranteed:

Trade policy will be a disaster under either Hillary or Trump.

Hillary is far more likely to start a major war.

Neither has a realistic plan to reduce the deficit.

Hillary will not fix Obamacare, she will make it worse.

Congress might not let Trump start over on Obamacare.

Hillary will support freedom of choice, Trump won’t.”


  • The western world and the US are drowning in debt with no plan to address or reduce the annual deficits or total debt. This will end in tears.
  • Obamacare increases are already bringing tears. More weeping – insurance companies and congress excepted – will come.
  • Nuclear war is closer than at any time in the past several decades. Is this wise? Self-evidently it is not, unless you believe the global population should be reduced by up to 90% and don’t mind “nuclear winter,” massive destruction, radiation poisoning, and worse.

Neither candidate will address the huge problems we face, although one or the other might make progress on the “transgender bathroom” dilemma.

The Titanic sized US economy may not sink on Election Day, but a country that flings itself headlong into catastrophe will not like the consequences.

In the meantime, Silver Flies, Paper Dies!

Gary Christenson

The Deviant Investor

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