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This week, Tyler ran the Stockscores Simple Weekly scan on stocks under $15.  He wanted to find smaller cap stocks that were showing promise on their three year weekly charts. Here are two that I think are worth considering – read it all HERE

Jim Rogers Predicts HK Home Prices Down 50% Within 3 Years, Peg Abandoned

Jim Rogers said the Hong Kong real estate bubble has been in extreme, sharp correction is reasonable. A substantial increase in housing supply in Hong Kong “will be the decisive factor for the price.”

….continue reading HERE


Gold Price: Year 2000 All Over Again – How Will You Play it This Time?

Key Points:

  1. The US Dollar is trading roughly at the same level and trending higher as it was in 2000.
  2. Rising dollar is neutral/negative on commodity prices and resource stocks like gold miners.
  3. Gold price struggled as the dollar rose in value.
  4. Gold stocks fell sharply during the last year of their bear market.
  5. Gold stocks bottomed before physical gold by several months

 ….read it all HERE