The Three Most Popular Articles of the Week

Posted by Money Talks Editor

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1. The Worst Sovereign Debt Crisis Ever….

       by Larry Edelson

Greece is now at its tipping point. Italy isn’t far behind, or is Portugal. Japan’s debt stands at more than 24 percent of GDP, nearly $12 trillion.

Worst of all is the United States…….

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mar10f2.  “The Buying Opportunity of This Decade”

Silver is used in nearly every major industry today, from biocides and electronics to solar panels and batteries. In fact, silver is so embedded in modern life that you do not go one day without using a product made with or by silver. It’s everywhere, even if you don’t see it.

Due to the exponential increase in the number of uses for this precious metal, demand has exploded. 

Silver is currently trading below its price before the financial crisis struck in 2008

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3. Bob Hoye: Technical Excess = Trouble in Bond Land

Our Pivot of April 9th noted that the reversal would be a global event and that the “European Central Bank is full of unsupportable positions”

Forget “Black Swans”, this is central bankers discovering a “Get Me Out!” moment.
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