The Three Most Popular Articles of the Week

Posted by Money Talks Editor

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1. What’s Next From A Man Who Got It Right

Michael Campbell’s guest, Eric Coffin, has made some amazing recommendations recently with the turn in gold stocks. His subscribers saw triple digit gains from three pre-production companies on his list due to mergers and asset sales. He also tells Mike about some developers that have done even better.

Listen to this 16 minute interview with Eric HERE

2. Jim Rogers on America’s Imminent Recession

“I do know that things are getting slower in China, they have to. One of their largest trading partners, Japan, is in recession. Many European nations are in recession. Parts of America are slowing down.

….more HERE

K-silver-30-yr-550x4743. Silver: The “Five Year Plan” and the Great Leap Forward

Examine the following log-scale graph of COMEX silver.  The red lines are 4.75 years apart.  The green line shows a long term exponential trend upward

….read more HERE