The Three Most Popular Articles of the Week

Posted by Money Talks Editor

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gohistoric 14920 m

gohistoric 14920 m1 . All Hell Now Breaking Loose – This Crisis Will Rock The Global Financial System To Its Core

by James Turk

“The inevitable finally happened.” “The Greek financial system is collapsing. We can’t say yet that it has “collapsed” because we are not there yet. The collapse is just beginning. At this time, we do not know where all the pieces will fall…”.

2. Richard Russell: The Smart Money Is Dumping Stocks

“It’s clear that the institutions are selling into this market. The distribution count is 8 for the S&P and 6 for the Nasdaq. Thus we are seeing clear distribution pressure on the stock market. Every market must have its trigger. I think the trigger for this market is if and when the Dow breaks 17,000. 


3. Quality Companies “thrown out with the bathwater.”

by Ryan Irvine of Keystone Financial

“The last time the market ran for cover in the face of Greek default was actually an excellent time to buy some quality companies that were “thrown out with the bathwater.” In the short term, these kinds of events tend to result in waves of fear that impact companies which are not directly affected by the underlying issue. Such events should be considered opportunities.”