The Three Most Interesting Articles of the Week

Posted by Money Talks Editor

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Special Report: Chinese Sunset

by A. Gary Shilling

Earlier in the week I asked my friend Gary Shilling if he could give me a summary of his 2016 forecast. He agreed to do so and sent it on. Then this morning he sent out a special short report on China that offers what I think is a valuable perspective that differs from what we’re seeing in the headlines – John Mauldin

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European-Revolutionary-CycleThe Coming European Revolution…

by Martin Armstrong

I have warned that 2017 will be the political year from hell. What I am illustrating here is the link between a sovereign debt crisis and the Revolutionary Cycle. In 1933, Roosevelt came to power in the USA and turned the country toward socialism. That same year, 1933, brought Hitler and Mao to power. So 1934 was the revolutionary year. Such revolutions do not always bring blood in the streets. The next one is due in 2020 and we should see the system we currently live under go completely upside-down.

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Investing Lessons from the Farm

Expect Storms. Whether or not my father had a good year depended on three things: (1) no late frosts, (2) no early frosts, and (3) no natural disasters like hail storms, tornados, droughts, or massive insect infestations.

While you can’t avoid disasters, you can plan for them and run for cover when they do come. The wise investor diversifies in anticipation of those things that are beyond his control and buys insurance to protect against catastrophic losses.

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