The Three Most Interesting Articles of the Week

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Mark Leibovit: What the Smartest People Are Doing

When the financial system crashes either by its own weight or perhaps by actions of Russia, China or Islamic terrorism, think about what assets you want to own – a bank account? – a brokerage account? What if you are locked out? I’m holding my gold and adding all the way down. I would also suggest keeping a generous amount of cash, food, and firearms under the mattress as insurance. That is what the smartest people I know are doing.

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Jim Rogers Warns Its Time To Be Prepared

Eventually the market is just going to say to these central bankers, ‘enough is enough – we don’t want your garbage paper anymore.’

Then we’re going to have the real crisis.

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chart1lKiss the Euro Goodbye …

It’s the grand experiments of harebrained politicians that are always the root cause of discontent. They endlessly tinker with the likes of you and me, with the economy, with things they don’t have a clue about …

Until the whole house of cards comes crashing down.

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