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A radical new material made from a single carbon atom will soon have a pervasive impact on the U.S. economy – and the entire human race.

200 times stronger than steel and lighter than a feather, this high-tech medium will shape virtually every part of our daily lives by the end of this decade.

The possible uses are almost limitless.

For instance…

  • Doctors will soon use it to create implants that will end brain disease…
  • Technologists will use it to take the power of 1,000 mainframe computers and hardwire it into your smartphone …
  • And biotechnologists will use this very same substance to work as “synthetic blood.”

No wonder the two scientists who discovered this substance won the Nobel Prize in physics last year. That alone should tell you something.

It often takes decades for scientific breakthroughs like this to bag the world’s biggest award. But these two Russians won it for a substance discovered just seven years ago!

We’re talking, of course, about graphene – a substance that is often referred to as the “Miracle Material” of the 21st century.

Make no mistake: This material is not something from science fiction.

It’s for real. And it has the power to revolutionize biotechnology… electronics… energy… computers…even more.

Best of all, it holds the promise of extraordinary new wealth for investors who know the secrets to playing this transformational breakthrough.

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