The Precursor To Western Collapse: The Rapidly Approaching Demise of Japan

Posted by Martin Armstrong - Armstrong Economics

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The key pattern that is always the final warning sign of the collapse of a society becomes most self-evident within two primary factors:

1)      The Rule of Law

2)      The rise in taxation

Ed Note: A few clips below and the conclusion paragraph from this potent analysis…….highly recommend you Go HERE  to read the entire fascinating work.  

‘Each is fueled by government waste and inherent corruption. Japan has been the bastion of inherent political corruption”.

“The motives of such corrupt individuals, drawn to the public sector by its corruption, power, and the ability to strike deep and fatal wounds at those in the private sector, is often simply to get even with those in the private sector whose success they truly despise.

Today, “the socialism (Western Governments) have adopted as the justification of their usurpation of power is collapsing and crumbing into dust all around us. The excuse is always the “rich” have not paid their “fair” share, as if they should be willing to turn-over all their assets to support public servants that contribute nothing to the wealth of a nation”

As they say those who cannot do teach and those that can – just do. Perhaps that old saying needs to be revised by stating – those who cannot make it in the real world, hide in the bowel of government resentful of the fortunes of others regardless of merit”. ” 

The Japanese Democratic Party of Japan took office in 2009 pledging not to raise taxes, curtail  bureaucracy and give more power to citizens. “As with every political promise, it is just always bullshit”. Last month, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda pushed through the ministry’s decade-old plan to double the sales tax. “For you see, behind closed curtains, it is always the rank & file of the bureaucracy that truly dictates the course of government”.

This new policy,  to double the five percent tax, ” is meant to shore up the future of bureaucrats” – not reverse the declining economy.

“Socialism adopted in ALL westernized economies is the same economic mistake as communism. It simply takes longer to get to the same place – bankruptcy” . The 50-fold export-led expansion in the Japanese economy between 1955 and 1990 was by no means their creation. We see the same in all other countries as well. “Global trade simply expanded largely due to the socialism in the USA that saw World War II usher in the payroll tax in America”.

“Like Goldman Sachs has infiltrated governments worldwide, in Japan it is MOF (Ministry of Finance) that is close to the bankers and it is  the MOF that has always controlled government. Kenji Eda published a book in March entitled: “Finance Ministry Mind Control: The frightening methods of finance ministry bureaucrats, who brainwashed Prime Minister Noda to engineer the tax increase.” This indicates the truly realization of what is taking place in Japan and why Japan will collapse into a final 26 year economic low”.

Our long-term outlook in Japan for the NIKKEI 225 Cash Stock Index has remained bearish since 1989.95. Our long-term cyclical models show the first window of opportunity for a final major low remains that of 2013 with a possibility of extending into 2014 where we also have a Directional Change for the year. We are looking at a sharp increase in volatility starting in 2013 and running through into 2015. Volatility will rise again starting in 2018 and build into 2020, but it should remain high into 2023. It is possible that if the Nikkei fails to make new lows into 2013-2014, then it could extend the decline into 2017. Ideally, such a bear market reaches its conclusion within the 23 to 26 year window, which extends the bear market into 2015 with the top of the Economic Confidence Model. The target support lies at 6500-6100 followed by 4000-3800. This is further confirmed by our Yearly Bearish Reversals at 6957 and 4038. Therefore, reaching these price objectives within the ideal time frame will greatly enhance the prospect that the final low has at last been established.

….read the whole analysis including charts HERE