The Performance Of Every Asset Class WorldWide Yr-to -Date

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Gold is the biggest loser in this snapshot of the financial markets since the beginning of the year (and the beginning of the month) via Deutsche Bank‘s “Equity House View” report.

Thanks to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo “Abenomics” Abe, the Nikkei is the top performer and the yen is a major loser.

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ALBERT EDWARDS: Stocks Will Crash, Hyperinflation Will Come, And Gold Will Go Above $10,000

This is always reassuring. SocGen strategist Albert Edwards remains an ultra-bear, and predicts everything will go to hell.

In his new note he writes:

We still forecast 450 S&P, sub-1% US 10y yields, and gold above $10,000

My working experience of the last 30 years has convinced me that policymakers’ efforts to manage the economic cycle have actually made things far more volatile. Their repeated interventions have, much to their surprise, blown up in their faces a few years later. The current round of QE will be no different. We have written previously, quotingMarc Faber, that “The Fed Will Destroy the World” through their money printing. Rapid inflation surely beckons. But that will not occur without firstly a Japanese-style loss of confidence in policymakers as we dive back into recession and produce dislocative market moves.

So yeah, it goes on from there. Lots of doom. This is why everyone loves Albert Edwards.

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