The Odds Are Stacked Against Investors In A Post-Covid Economy

Posted by Lance Roberts

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Since the March 23rd lows, retail investors have jumped into the equity market with little concern about the potential risk. The “Pavlovian” response to the Fed’s massive monetary interventions has pushed “risk-taking” to extremes. Unfortunately, the odds are stacked against investors in a post-COVID economy.

In a recent newsletter, we discussed our process of “taking profits” in positions that had reached more extreme overbought conditions. As is usual in a market where “momentum” is in vogue, we received numerous emails about the “folly” of selling our technology holdings.

It Isn’t Folly.

It is a usual practice of mitigating risk to protect capital for our long-term investment cycle. Interestingly, while there is little doubt that patience is a virtue for investors, exercising prudence is equally important. Despite the basic math, and historical evidence proving its usefulness, investors typically ignore prudence, especially when it is required most. The “siren’s song” of a momentum-driven market fueled by a “speculative greed” is inevitably too compelling for many investors…CLICK for complete article