The Most Popular 3 Articles of the Week

Posted by Money Talks Editor

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1. Is It The Season For Investing In Gold? or Oil? or Stocks?

    by Michael Campbell & Don Vialoux

Mike talks with the foremost expert on seasonality – Don Vialoux.  Find out which groups to drop and which ones are about to get hot. 

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Unknown2. Trump Is Right About Stocks

    by Bill Bonner

t is not often that you get investment advice from a presidential candidate. 

It is even rarer that you get good advice. 

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3. Precious Metals Bull Phase 1: Final Impulse Dead Ahead

Everything is now aligned for the final upward impulse to complete Phase I of the great bull market in the PM stocks. All the technical work is now done. The backing and filling complete. The final fuel stop taken to fill up on short sellers who will provide the fuel for the final surge powered by short covering.

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