The Fat Lady Is Singing For The Bond Market

Posted by Mad Hede Fund Trader via Seeking Alpha

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saupload TLT-3-e1479265537904Summary

You have just been adopted by a new rich uncle.

I doubled my short position in the US Treasury bond (TLT) market today.

I’ll be using any subsequent price rise to sell more bonds, roll forward puts and put spread options, sell short bond futures, and buy the Ultra Short Treasury Bond (TBT).

It is undoubtedly the cleanest trade out there in the world today. Of all the momentous changes in the prospects for asset classes as a result of the presidential election, bonds absolutely top the list. And not just US bonds, but German, Japanese, British, and every other kind of bond out there in the world as well are exiting a 30-year bull market and entering a 20-year bear market.

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