The Die Is Cast And Only One Question Remains

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“The Rubicon is a river in Italy that played a major role in the history of Rome and Western Civilization.  Prior to Julius Caesar, it was considered an inviolable boundary for a general commanding an army.  To cross it with your army was considered an act of treason against the State.

Caesar did just that in 49 B.C.  Caesar left Rome to be come the governor of Cisalpine Gaul (northern Italy), Illyricum (southeastern Europe) and Transalpine Gaul (southern France) in 58 B.C..  Actually, he unsuccessfully fled Rome to avoid his mounting debts (he liked to gamble and was a bon vivant).  He was only allowed to continue to Gaul after his wealthy friend Crassus paid and guaranteed the debts for him.  His conquest of all of Gaul and the details of his military genius are well known, particularly since he wrote it all down in the form of a partial autobiography.

Ambitious men were not welcome to the old Roman order.  The Romans had an unpleasant experience with a dictator that led to their founding, and it was in their DNA to despise such men.  Caesar was a major threat….

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