The Deluge: The Astonishing New Era of Fossil Fuels

Posted by Vince Beiser - Pacific Standard

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Rapidly advancing technologies are opening up astonishing sources of oil and gas all over the world. We are entering a new era of fossil fuels that is reshaping global economics and politics—and the planet.


The Chevron Field Above

Thanks to revolutionary, breakthrough drilling technologies, we have entered a new era of fossil fuels according to this article in the Pacific Standard, and the energy revolution is reshaping global economics and politics — and the planet:

In 1922, a federal commission predicted that “production of oil cannot long maintain its present rate.” In 1977, President Jimmy Carter declared that world oil production would peak by 1985.

It turns out, though, that the problem has never been exactly about supply; it’s always been about our ability to profitably tap that supply. We human beings have consumed, over our entire history, about a trillion barrels of oil. The U.S. Geological Survey estimates there is still seven to eight times that much left in the ground. The oil that’s left is just more difficult, and therefore more expensive, to get to. But that sets the invisible hand of the market into motion.

Every time known reserves start looking tight, the price goes up, which incentivizes investment in research and development, which yields more sophisticated technologies, which unearth new supplies — often in places we’d scarcely even thought to look before.

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