The Days Of Madness Are Upon Us

Posted by Bill Blain

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I used to think the “believe 6 impossible things before breakfast” line from Alice Through the Looking Glass was one of the funniest things ever written. Until this year.. I’ve come to understand it’s a statement of simple fact for this corona-addled age. I really can’t believe just how confused, conflicted, unfocused and distracted the various threads of society are becoming.

While the virus is still lashing its way around the globe – hitting the Southern Hemisphere in winter – it does feels like its passing. Look for what happens in terms of new cases and outbreaks in Oz over the coming weeks for potential clues about a second wave to hit the North come autumn.

The Pandemic has become the defining event of the decade. As it eases, there are a whole series of unexpected releases occurring. Not just in terms of surprisingly strong snapback economic numbers due to 3 months of repressed consumer spending, but also in terms of bizarre behaviours as tension eases. As the global economy tries to rebalance after the shock, it feels we’re being deluged in a sea of delusional noise and madness..

Let me try to explain… without using the word “unprecedented”. Full Article