The Coming Liquidation

Posted by Hugo Salinas Price

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King-World-News-7-Terrifying-Warnings-That-The-Greek-Disaster-Is-Now-Set-To-Catapult-The-World-Into-A-Global-Meltdown-550x400 c

King-World-News-7-Terrifying-Warnings-That-The-Greek-Disaster-Is-Now-Set-To-Catapult-The-World-Into-A-Global-Meltdown-550x400 c“When interest rates tick up, as they did just recently, this is an indication that the market is showing a nascent preference for cash, rather than bonds.

This incipient increase in interest rates is warning that we may see, at some point, a widespread desire to dump bonds for cash; that would mean a jump in interest rates which would lower the prices of bonds, and the fall would cause losses to holders of bonds and other credit instruments which form the debt cloud. Hasty sales of bonds would aggravate the fall in values and reinforce the rise in interest rates. As in all cases of panic, those who panic first have the greater chance of avoiding losses.

There is a further problem:”

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