Jim Rogers: The Best Way to Hedge Against “Inflation Run Amok”

Posted by Jim Rogers via StreetAuthority

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Jim Rogers, legendary commodities investor and co-founder of the Quantum Fund along with George Soros (a legend in his own right), has been looking at the pace of money printing in the developed world. And he doesn’t like what he sees. In fact, the legendary investor was recently quoted as predicting, “inflation run amok.”

Rogers isn’t just another Wall Street prognosticator. He predicted the housing bubble and financial crash, and started selling stocks in the sectors in 2006. He also saw the slowdown we’ve seen during the past couple years in Chinese stocks coming. During the 10 years he helped manage the Quantum Fund with Soros, the fund returned 4,200%.

So it’s easy to see why people tend to sit up and pay attention when Rogers warns of trouble on the horizon.

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