Fed Minutes & the US Dollar

Posted by Jon Vialoux - EquityClock.com

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“With the Fed’s suggestion of further monetary easing, commodities rallied, breaking firmly above the 200-day moving average, according to the CRB Commodity Index.   And while commodities rallied, the US Dollar Index plunged, coming close to achieving the target suggested by the short-term head-and-shoulders top of 81.   This bearish setup for the US Dollar was pointed out on this site at the beginning of the week, however, thoughts were that the move would play out over a matter of weeks rather than days.   With the US Dollar nearing that downside target, the long-term rising trend-line could soon be tested, potentially offering a hindrance to this commodity rally.   Despite the significant dollar decline over the past two sessions, equity markets have failed to move higher, hinting of equity market exhaustion at current overbought levels.   The US Dollar Index remains seasonally negative through September before stabilizing into October and November”.

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