The $30 Trillion Megatrend To Watch As Markets Bounce Back

Posted by Paul Cantle

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The economy is reopening, stock markets are already bouncing back in a hedge on the future, and we’re about to see the biggest shift in capital in years.

It’s a big money shift away from tradition and towards a future in which retail investors–and major hedge funds–demand that their investments go into companies that are sustainable.

It’s not politics or ideology. It’s not right or left. It’s pure free-market sentiment dictating what happens after the lesson the market has learned before and during a global pandemic:

Welcome to the $30-trillon-plus mega trend of sustainable investing, otherwise known as ESG (environmental, social and governance) Investing.

And welcome to one of the new companies positioned to give big capital exactly what it’s looking for: Canada’s Facedrive (TSXV:FD,OTC:FDVRF), the competitor to Uber that’s working to turn ride-sharing into a sustainable, more carbon-neutral industry.

Even better, while Uber has been burning cash like crazy for a decade and still isn’t profitable, Facedrive has an entire ecosystem of revenue generation setups that treat ride-sharing as much more than a ride: It’s a high-tech business segment that has many ways to generate revenue while the wheels are rolling…CLICK for complete article