The 3 Top Articles Of The Week

Posted by Money Talks Editor

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oil-pic1. Crude Oil: Setting Up for Rare Buying Opportunity

   by Michael Campbell & Josef Schachter

Right now he sees a combination of tax loss selling and other factors setting crude up for a fabulous imminent buying opportunity at much lower levels than we trade today in the upcoming December/January periodr me lately world” Mike asks him what’s next – not just for gold but for Mark’s other big winner marijuana stocks.

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2. Get Ready …

by Larry Edelson

Let me cut right to the chase: The global financial markets … entire economies … and even political systems and philosophies — will soon start spiraling out of control.

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3. The Downfall of the Mainstream Media & The Stirrings of a Revolution

   by Michael Campbell 

In the US millions have become disillusioned by one sided media push to get Hillary Clinton elected, the corruption of the FBI and the Justice Dept to keep her out of jail, and the blatant political bias of the IRS. With European Governments mistrusted and fighting in the streets in the US, there is one forthcoming financial issue that could be the death blow for trust in Government institutions and the media. The big question, when millions no longer trust the democratic institution, what comes next?

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