The 3 Most Popular Articles Of The Week

Posted by Money Talks Editor

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down arrow1. New mortgage rule changes and what they mean for you

The Department of Finance threw a major wrench into the gears on Oct 3 by making huge material changes to the way that many borrowers get qualified. Here’s a rundown of what is changing and how it impacts you and the market

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2. Gold Off $100 … is it a Buy or Sell?

   by Michael Campbell & Mark Leibovit

Timer’s Digest’s Gold Market Timer Of the Year, Mark Liebovit called the latest correction but in this “what have you done for me lately world” Mike asks him what’s next – not just for gold but for Mark’s other big winner marijuana stocks.

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3. Are we Being Prepared for World War III?

   by Martin Armstrong 

The polls are being rigged as they were in Britain for BREXIT. But plan B is clearly being put into play already preparing the public for the accusation that should Trump win, the election will be called a fraud because of Russian hackers

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