The 3 Most Interesting Articles Of The Week

Posted by Money Talks Editor

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161211-011. I Hope You’ve Been Paying Attention?

– Dallas has blocked withdrawals from the police and firefighters pension fund.
– The Italian government is scrambling to prevent the world’s oldest bank – Monte Paschi – from going down.
– 446,000 people in the States joined the ranks of the permanently unemployed in November alone pushing the total number to an all time high 95.1 million. 
– Meanwhile global stocks markets have added over $1 trillion dollars since Donald Trump’s election.

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2. The Cycle of Assassination & War Bottomed in 2014

There is an 11-year average cycle for attempts to assassinate the president. Here is the list below:… more HERE

3. The Trump Rally Will Morph

The presidential transition brings new surprises almost every day. Last week Donald Trump’s spokesman revealed, via an offhand comment, that President-Elect Trump had sold all his publicly traded stocks back in June. That’s months before he won the election and faced conflict-of-interest questions……

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