The 3 Most Fascinating Articles Of The Week

Posted by Money Talks Editor

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Anxiety June 2017 - Copy

Anxiety June  2017 - Copy1. Random Thoughts on this Crazy Charging Stock Market Bull

 By every measure of logic and or common sense, this bull market should have crashed years ago. However, it hasn’t, and much to the angst of many professionals continued its march upwards against all the odds.

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2. The Middle East Is Blowing Up

Every day brings another scary headline from the Middle East — which makes it easy to treat them as background noise rather than a clear and present danger. But the latest batch is reminiscent of the Balkans circa 1914, which means it may be time to tune back in.

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3. Bob Hoye: Checklist for a Top

Understandably, we don’t publish a “Checklist for a Top” all that often. But when we do, it is daunting. Not everyone is a researcher or trader. There are real lives and portfolios out there that are vulnerable.

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