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summary1In 2010, my eldest daughter was preparing to leave for university and I wanted to do something special for her. So trying to be a good Dad, I decided to write her a brief letter on what I had learned over the course of my own career that I thought would be helpful to her. My successes, failures and a few principles that guided my actions. She graciously agreed that it was a good idea and that I should write the letter.

In the letter, I wrote down a handful of principles of what had worked for me, as I had literally gone from the stock room to the board room, and felt that I had some good ideas to offer her. However, when the letter was complete, I read through it and realized that something was missing. While the suggestions were good, it was missing my overarching philosophy or approach to my career, not just the steps that I took along the way. It wasn’t the things that I did in my career, it was my mindset that was important. My approach had been one of a growth mindset and that I believed in developing good habits and constant progress towards worthy goals. So I added to the letter that whatever she does, she should strive to develop good disciplines and habits to help her along the road.

After finishing the letter, I decided it was an important message for other people too. If was take this idea of continuous improvement through the development of good habits and turn it into a book, it would help many more people, so that is what I decided to do. Rather than just talk about it, I decided to describe each of the 100 Daily Habits that I felt were important and that I would improve each day.  I believed that it was not about doing 1 thing 100% better, but it was about doing 100 things, 1% better each day.

Fast forward to 2016, and 73,000 words later, the book is in the final stages and will be released this fall. It’s called The 1% Solution – How Small Daily Improvement Produce Massive Long-term Results. I fundamentally believe that in life there’s no short cut. Rather, the path to significance is achieved through the continuous and daily improvement of habits, which compound over time to create big results. It takes time, effort, and perseverance to develop these good habits and the more time to see the cumulative effects turn into results.
Creating this book has been a labor of love since I was really focused on creating something that would help people overcome their own obstacles, so they can achieve their own big dreams and goals.
If you want to know more about it, you can get early notification of my book by here.

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