Thank You, Mr. Trump

Posted by Straight Line Logic

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DTC-ODTRH-RD-2Trump has exposed the sham of “free” trade. Real free trade among two or more countries would not be negotiated in secret and add thousand-page agreements, plus thousands more pages of implementing regulations, to a world already drowning in laws and regulations. A real free trade agreement would reduce laws and regulations—tariffs and trade barriers—and there would be no need to negotiate it in secret.

Real free trade increases the US’s economic well-being. By definition, two parties don’t engage in voluntary trade unless both parties benefit. However, present trade agreements have facilitated outsourcing of manufacturing and jobs.”….continue reading Thank You Mr. Trump Part 1 

“The US government’s misbegotten drive for unipolarity is the most important issue Trump has raised.”

“The US sends its warships into the South China Sea, the Baltic and Black Seas, essentially Russian lakes; pushes NATO, which lost its raison d’être when the Soviet Union collapsed, to Russia’s western border; foments revolution in Ukraine, Napoleon and Hitlers’ welcome mat to Russia, and decries Russian and Chinese aggression. Russia and China are nuclear powers, and even if the US had a nuclear first strike capability to wipe them both out, which it probably does not, the ensuing fallout and nuclear winter would make the global warming we’re all supposed to be worrying about irrelevant. If the US does not have first strike capability, or Russia and China, singly or jointly, launched the first strike against the US, the nuclear devastation would wipe out US cities and infrastructure, rendering vast regions, perhaps the entire country, uninhabitable…..…continue reading Thank You Mr. Trump Part 2