Test Drive the HRA Journal & Special Delivery Alerts for only $7!

Posted by MoneyTalks Editor

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Michael has twisted arms again over at Eric Coffin’s HRA newsletter and arranged for a fantastic opportunity for you to try a 3 month subscription for only $7 – a 90% discount! BUT – there is even more. Eric’s team now has a Special Delivery Alert Service and you’ll get 2 months of that for free too! $247 subcription for only $7!

Why does the SD Alert matter? Last summer Special Delivery subscribers heard about Great Bear Resources at 55 cents. The stock hit another new high of $4.24 on June 3rd. Despite a lacklustre gold market through most of the past year, this is a stock has generated significant gains for investors and hopefully many HRA subscribers!

Take a spin – it’s only $7!

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