Tectonic Change?

Posted by Ross Clark via Bob Hoye

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Overall Perspective

  • At the end of September the prevailing panic atmosphere could no longer drive down stocks, commodities and corporate bonds. Some of our technical work was indicating a large and growing number of individual stocks registering very oversold conditions. The gold/silver ratio which had signaled the pending decline in April resisted going higher.
  • The conclusion was that choppy, but rising action for orthodox investments could run to a good high at around January.
  • For the past few weeks we have been reviewing the question “Are we there yet?”
  • Yes we are – and then some!

Credit Markets

  • Excess is again evident in the credit markets and a couple weeks ago an outstanding performer–municipal bonds (MUB) – registered an Upside Exhaustion. As the reversal comes in, we’ve thought that it would represent the potential reversal in bullishness for most spread products.
  • This would include corporate and sub-prime mortgage bonds.
  • A few days ago the MUB dropped a couple of points from 113.67 to 112.50. This is the sharpest plunge since the one in October 2010 that led to the “Muni-panic” that ended in January 2011.
  • Monday’s Financial Times headline indicated that bullish sentiment is rampant with “Record Global Sales of Junk Bonds”.

Stock Markets

Checklist for a Top

  • Is it up when it should be?


  • Are there signs of enthusiasm?

The AAII ratio of bulls and bears has soared to 74 and the Rydex Bull/Bear ratio is almost at a new record high (chart follows). This confirms Ross’s work on the VIX reviewed in the ChartWorks “Complacency Abounds Oh-Oh!” of January 24th.



  • Momentum is also very high as the RSI on the S&P reached 75 – the highest since February 2011.
  • The “Sequential Sell” pattern has completed.
  • Ross notes that the number of individual stocks registering Upside Exhaustions is soaring, typical of an important top.  The gold/silver ratio has been unable to break below 50.


  • The US dollar is in a pattern that can lead to an outstanding rally. The January 27th ChartWorks “Pulling Back To A Buy Zone” is the latest update.
  • A significant rally in the dollar would likely be associated with increasing concerns in the credit markets. Perhaps the season when “fixes” by desperate policymakers seem to be working is ending.






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