Technically Speaking: S&P 3750. Is It The Light, Or A Train?

Posted by Lance Roberts

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Mentally, it has been a challenge to marry a market challenging all-time highs against a backdrop of weaker earnings, falling profits, surging unemployment, and a recessionary economy. Yet, here we are. While the bulls have set S&P targets to 3750 over the next 12-months while bearish signals persist. For investors it will be the difference in determining the “light” from the “train.”

Of course, we also discussed the importance of the issue of the “capitalization effect” on the market’s advance, mainly since Apple and Microsoft make up such a significant weight. As noted by Sentiment Trader last week:

“The most significant stock in the U.S. and nearly the world, Apple, keeps powering higher. At the end of June, the value of Apple alone was almost 80% of the Russell 2000 index’s market capitalization. As of today, it’s nearly 90%. Such is astounding – in the past 40 years, no single stock has come close to dwarfing the value of so many other companies.” CLICK for complete article