Stock Trading Alert: More Volatility Following Fed’s Decision Release – Uptrend Reversal Or Just Consolidation?

Posted by Paul Rejczak - Sunshine Profits

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Sent to subscribers on March 17, 2016, 6:56 AM.

Briefly: In our opinion, speculative short positions are favored (with stop-loss at 2,050, and profit target at 1,900, S&P 500 index).

Our intraday outlook is bearish, and our short-term outlook is bearish, as we expect a downward correction or short-term uptrend’s reversal at some point. Our medium-term outlook remains bearish, as the S&P 500 index extends its lower highs, lower lows sequence. We decided to change our long-term outlook to neutral recently, following a move down below medium-term lows:

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