Stock Market Seasonal Patterns Spell Caution

Posted by Mark Leibovit - VR Trader

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Seasonal patterns generally call for strength into April/May, but these same patterns also call for a potential downtrend into the Fall. The real question is that with so much time between now and April/May can the market push to new highs, despite the negative signal flashed by the January Barometer. With the Nasdaq now virtually back to new highs, I cannot dismiss that possibility. Janet Yellen’s testimony before the U.S. Senate is apparently delayed today due to weather, so the bulls have less to hang their hat on. Even though I remain dubious about 2014 being a bull market year, I’m not shorting this market until there is a renewed sign of a downturn and have focused my attention (as always) on individual trades and sectors. Recall I’ve been writing about this for over a year now that 2013 or early 2014 could end the bull market. If we take out recent lows in the SPX, downside potential is first 1680, 1627 and possibly 1480.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 8.10.17 AM

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