Soros Buys the Miners!!

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imagesGeorge Soros switches from physical gold to gold stocks and that is very bullish for gold prices … Ever the investor who loves to confuse markets – remember how his description of gold as the ‘ultimate bubble’ confused some folk as he bought the metal himself – George Soros has done it again with his gold ETF sales. Today the global financial press is awash with reports that Mr. Soros has sold gold again. True. But he has reinvested that money in a far more risky investment in gold miners whose performance is leveraged against the gold price. They go up faster than the gold price and they fall further when it comes down too. – GoldSeek

Dominant Social Theme: Gold, the barbaric metal.

Free-Market Analysis: We learn in this short article that billionaire investor George Soros is betting on mining stocks. “Very bullish,” for gold, the article tells us. Here’s more:

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