Six winning strategies to build your wealth

Posted by Money Sense Magazine

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invest 1201

invest 1201Follow along with us to discover the approach that best suits your particular portfolio size, time line, level of experience and appetite for risk. 

Momentum investing: A truly wild ride
Want to shoot for the stars? Consider momentum investing, where the drops are stomach-churning, and the possible returns jaw-dropping. 

Value investing: A taste for value
Love a good bargain? Check out value investing. It’s not for beginners, but with a little patience this strategy can produce stunning results.

Dividend investing: Yield to growth
Like the idea of stocks for the long run, and getting paid to wait? Take a look at dividend investing, and discover the power of high-yield growth.

Index investing: Easy street
Want a low-cost investing strategy that beats most professional managers? Harness the humble power of the Couch Potato.

Mutual funds: In good hands
You can get great long-term results with mutual funds—you just have to keep it simple and watch the fees.

Fixed income: Safe and sound
No stomach for stocks? A smart fixed-income strategy can help you achieve your financial goals with a minimum of risk.