Silver Set to Double, According to… Apple?

Posted by Peter Krauth: Money Morning

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OB-EO572 Silver G 20090930170404

OB-EO572 Silver G 20090930170404We all have our reasons for following Apple. I track it because this tech behemoth is a massive global consumer of metals – base, rare earth, and precious.

And right now, Apple is giving us some surprising indications that thedemand for silver is much higher than its current price would have us believe.

Actually, the first “sign” came to us back in January when Apple had to delay new 27-inch iMac deliveries by up to four weeks.

Of course, the company never specified exactly what was causing the delay… but the rumors flew.

The most intriguing rumors centered on a possible shortage of industrial silver in China.

Regardless, the Apple “indicator” is just one reason silver could double over the next 12 months.

There are five other compelling clues that indicate silver’s price has temporarily decoupled from what the demand data dictate…

Bullish Silver Demand Indicator No. 1


Huge Silver Premiums

We all know about the drubbing that silver took in mid-April. While silver dropped from $32 in February to $18.50 by mid-June, something amazing happened.

Buyers stepped up, and supply became so scarce that premiums nearly quintupled from 8% to 37% above spot prices.

And that’s if you could even get your hands on it.

Essentially, almost no one was selling. Yet a lot of buyers recognized that silver was “on sale” and decided to stock up.

But no one saw this next one coming…


Bullish Silver Demand Indicator No. 2

U.S. Mint Sales Record

….continue reading No. 2 thru 5. If you are short of time at least take a quick scan down and read Indicator No. 5 – ED