RANKED # 1 BY TIMER DIGEST – The Todd Market Forecast for Wed Feb 22

Posted by Stephen Todd: The Todd Market Forecast

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Some downbeat economic numbers from Europe combined with disappointing earnings from Dell Computer to hold stocks under water on Wednesday.

The stock market has been acting somewhat tired, particularly after the so called “deal” on Greece. There doesn’t seem to be a catalyst to push stocks meaningfully higher on the short term.

Besides the overbought condition, one indicator that concerns us is the number of new yearly highs. over the past two weeks, as the market has pushed higher, new highs have attenuated (arrow). That is frequently a signal that the market needs a short rest. We can see this in the chart below courtesy of Decisionpoint.com.


Stephen Todd was the #1 2011 Timers Digest Gold Timer of the Year – More #1 Rankings listed below

GOLD: Gold started off rather lackluster, but came on strongly as the day progressed. The yellow metal is looking pretty good here.
BONDS: Bonds rebounded somewhat on Wednesday.                
THE REST: The dollar was up a bit and this probably helped push down silver, copper and crude oil, but gold bucked the trend.

  • Our intermediate term systems are on a buy signal.
  • System 2 traders are in cash. Stay there for now.
  • System 7 traders are in cash. Stay there for now.

Existing home sales came in at 4.57 million, less than the expected 4.69 million. On Thursday we get initial jobless claims and oil inventories.      

  • We’re on a sell for bonds as of December 21.
  • We’re on a sell for the dollar and a buy for the euro as of January 18.              
  • We’re on a buy on gold as of Feb. 21.              
  • We’re on a buy on silver as today Feb. 21.        
  • We’re on a buy for crude oil as of Feb. 13.      
  • We’re on a buy for copper as of December 20  

We are long term bullish for all major world markets, including those of the U.S., Britain, Canada, Germany, France and Japan.

Screen shot 2012-02-22 at 3.07.32 PM

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