Short Update and Things

Posted by Peter Grandich -

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The FED Blinked. It’s been my expectations that if “tapering” actually began, it wouldn’t be long before the FED would be pressured to go back to QE mode as the economy starts to accelerate to the downside. Well they blinked and now have begun the process that should lead to a perception of going from in front of the curve to behind.

The gentleman noted in this Zerohedge article truly hit the nail on the head (and Lies-man of TOUT-TV remains one of  chief mates on the ships of fools that litter that network).

Gold meanwhile had a key reversal and while I would like to wave an “all-clear” flag I know the manipulators who were applying their trade just a couple of weeks ago won’t just simply go away. Interesting days ahead for the yellow metal.


Where have all the U.S. dollar bulls gone? We’re close to key support and while I don’t anticipate breaking below on the first couple of tests, the bears are sniffing some bull meat upcoming.

I said a few weeks ago that I felt the 3% yield on the 10-yr. T-Bond should be the high mark until the real crisis comes when the world finally concludes America no longer has real ability to pay its debts.

And finally, shame, shame shame on all those who walked out the room