Schiff: “Dollar crisis… bond market collapse coming”

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Something big is looming…

I know you’ve felt it in the pit of your stomach… that feeling that the market is going up for all the wrong reasons — and will soon come crashing down yet again. 

It’s a crisis that I suspect could happen within the next 12 months, maybe much sooner — based on my research, which I’d like to share with you and other like-minded people.

The fact of the matter is with $17 trillion in debt, the U.S. government can no longer sustain itself like it has without implementing drastic measures… ones that will make the austerity measures going on in Europe right now look like a springtime walk in the park.

lmp-launch-image4Government shutdown? Check.

Spying on our citizens and allies? Check.

Bursting stock bubble? That’s next.

And I’m not the only one saying this…

  • Financial expert Marc Faber recently stated he “loves the high odds of a ‘big-time’ market crash.”
  • Economist Nouriel Roubini has said we should “prepare for a perfect storm.”
  • Pimco’s Bill Gross stated we are heading for a “credit supernova.”
  • Nomura’s Bob Janjuah believes the financial markets will experience “one more huge spike before collapsing by up to 50%.”

Are you prepared?

A Berkshire Hathaway director has already flat-out proclaimed stocks are in “a bit of a bubble.”

CNBC — the biggest cheerleader of them all — has even said the market is flashing “overbought” signals. And team cheerleading captain Jim Cramer has even urged investors to abandon the dollar “immediately” because the U.S. is a “laughingstock.”

The signs are everywhere.

Peter Schiff says, “We have a dollar crisis coming, a bond market collapse coming.”

Hank Paulson says another financial crisis is a “certainty.”

When it happens, it’ll happen fast. And most people will be caught completely off-guard and unprepared.

Don’t be one of them.

It’s something I’ve been researching for the past several years now, and I’ve finally seen all the warning indicators shift us into “High Alert Status.”

Don’t believe me?

Let me show you what I mean… and how to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your finances. 

Call it like you see it,




Nick Hodge