Russians try to sell Big Macs for around $36 each and a McDonald’s paper bag for more than $300, following the closure of branches

Posted by Zahra Tayeb,

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Russians are attempting to sell McDonald’s menu items online at highly inflated prices, following the closure of more than 800 restaurants in the country.

Insider viewed multiple listings on Avito, a Russian classified-ads website, which offered products including Big Macs and McMuffins. Avito is described on LinkedIn as the most popular classifieds site in Russia and the second-biggest in the world.

One Moscow-based seller advertised a Big Mac for the equivalent of around $36. The figure is based on exchange rates at time of writing. In Russia, the burger would usually cost 135 roubles, or around $1, according to The Economist’s Big Mac index.

Another seller recently posted a “McDonald’s Breakfast,” including McMuffins, potato pancakes, and sauces for around $18.

In a listing translated into English, the seller said they were offering the items to “those who want to enjoy the last taste of a bygone era.”…read more.