Richard Russell – The “Bear Market In Gold Is Over!” As Desperate Fed May Usher In QE4 And A World Of Hyperinflation

Posted by Richard Russell via King World News

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King-World-News-Are-We-About-To-See-A-Historic-Melt-Up-In-Gold-Silver-1244x500 c

King-World-News-Are-We-About-To-See-A-Historic-Melt-Up-In-Gold-Silver-1244x500 cAs people continue to digest breaking news out of Greece and around the world, the Godfather of newsletter writers, 90-year-old Richard Russell, announced that the “bear market in gold is over!”  Russell also covered everything from a desperate Fed ushering in QE4, to global hyperinflation, the California drought and coming Great Depression-style work programs.

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