R. Russell – Cyprus, Gold, & The World’s Money Master

Posted by Richard Russell - Dow Theory Letters

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KWN RR SPY chart

“Those who control the money make the rules, and their main aim is to remain in power.  Currently, the various central banks control the creation and the issuance of money.  To ensure that they remain in power, the central banks are spewing forth a veritable avalanche of fiat currency, money created out of a computer — money that has been created out of “thin air.”  In turn, we are supposed to bow down and thank the money creators, those who are saving us from a new world depression.”

“So to sum up my search for a THEME, the theme of today is the “haves” remaining in power, and in doing so, also keeping the “have-nots” content and happy.  Everything we are dealing with now, including stocks, bonds, real estate and possible sources of income revolves around the central theme that I have presented.”

“have drawn attention to the problem of the S&P in previous sites.  Below we see the rising channel in the S&P.  The technical problem is easily seen in that the S&P is well below the upper border of the channel.  If we were seeing strong action in the S&P, the Composite would be making contact with the upper trendline of this channel.”

KWN RR SPY chart

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