“The Dow Faces Hurricane Winds”

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  1. imagesAs one deadline after another passes, the US government is beginning to shut down.
  2. This is a truly horrific situation, and I’m stunned by the incredible complacency being exhibited by stock market investors.
  3. For decades, I’ve labelled the September – October time frame as “crash season”.
  4. In my view, it’s critical that all mainstream investors get out of the market during this period, because it’s when the most devastating market meltdowns tend to occur.
  5. It can take generations for investors to recover the losses they experience during crash season. The risk of 25% – 90% losses far outweighs the potential reward of 2% – 5% gains.
  6. Today is the first day of October. The crash of 1929 occurred during this month. Can a similar event happen again? Of course it can, and the current atmosphere of complacency increases the risk of it occurring.
  7. Please click here now. You are looking at the weekly chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The technical situation is deteriorating dramatically.
  8. There is a huge RSI non-confirmation in play. The Dow has made new highs while this key oscillator is exhibiting a horrific meltdown.
  9. There is also a nasty bearish wedge beginning to form, and there’s not much support above the 13,750 area.
  10. Please click here now. As horrifying as the weekly Dow chart is, this monthly chart looks even worse.  Note the volume at the bottom of the chart. Despite tomes of bullish news, volume continues to sag. That’s a huge red flag for stock market investors.
  11. As somebody who bought key Dow stocks into the lows of 2009 without leverage, I find myself now holding almost the exact opposite view that I held then. The current complacency exhibited by many general equity investors could be viewed as an exhibition of financial madness.
  12. There is a gargantuan bearish wedge formation on this Dow chart, and a huge RSI sell signal is flashing. I’ve highlighted that sell signal with a red circle at the top of the chart.
  13. It’s possible that the Dow is able to move higher, despite facing a growing hurricane of bearish seasonal, technical, and fundamental factors involving the US government. Regardless, the risk of being in the market probably vastly outweighs the potential reward. I wouldn’t touch the general stock market now with a ten foot pole.
  14. There is some very good fundamental news for gold investors. Currently, nine Chinese banks control all gold flowing into and out of China. When gold was sold heavily by Western investors in April, the Chinese banks imposed restrictions on the amount of financing available to Chinese gold dealers. That meant that Chinese buyers couldn’t absorb the gold offered by sellers. Only the banks themselves could buy in size, and they appear to have allowed gold to experience a “free fall” event.
  15. Yesterday, Reuters News announced that the Chinese central bank would allow more Chinese entities to import gold. In my opinion, this announcement is a fundamentally important event, because it should allow Chinese gold investors to buy more of the gold that is offered for sale during market panics.
  16. In theory, and hopefully in practise, the gold market should become less volatile, as there will be more dealers that can quickly move supply to buyers. In the short term, there could be a modest decrease in the price of gold, as new dealers import gold to build inventory.
  17. The People’s Bank of China said on its website (www.pbc.gov.cn) that the new rules would allow bank members of the Shanghai Gold Exchange, as well as gold producers with an annual output of more than 10 tonnes, to apply for import and export licenses. Trade is currently restricted to just nine banks, while the exchange has 25 bank/financial institution members.” – Reuters News, September 30, 2013.
  18. Please click here now. You are viewing the daily gold chart. Just as too many cooks in a kitchen can spoil the broth, excessive use of technical indicators and trend lines can prevent an investor from taking professional action in the gold market.
  19. For many weeks, I’ve suggested that gold investors need to focus on just four main price zones. On the sell-side, there is $1350 and $1425. Horrifically, many amateur investors actually bought gold in the $1425 area, believing that the price was “getting away”.
  20. On the buy-side, there are the price zones around $1266 and $1200. The wild action on Sunday night pushed gold into the $1350 area, which is a key selling zone for professional investors.
  21. I think the odds are higher that investors will see $1425 before $1266, but the “jobs report” is due to be released on Friday, and that report can cause immense gold price volatility. Be prepared to buy $1266 in the short term, while cheering for a surge to $1425 and higher!
  22. Please click here now. The price action of sugar can be a leading indicator for silver. On this daily chart, there’s a bullish inverse head and shoulders bottom pattern in play.
  23. That’s good news for silver investors, who are currently being forced to deal with “wet noodle” price and oscillator action. On that note, please click here now. Watch the red downtrend line closely. A move over that line could trigger a lot of hedge fund buying.
  24.  Ben Bernanke is scheduled to give a key speech to various banksters on Wednesday at 3pm. I would be stunned if Dr. Bernanke says anything “metals-negative”, given the fact that the entire US government is on the verge of shutting down. Richard Fischer of the Dallas Fed gives another speech on Thursday, and he’s rumoured to own a lot of gold himself. Let’s cheer for bullish speeches this week, and a jobs report that is positive for the metals. Most importantly, please consider docking your stock market boat, because it’s hurricane season!

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