“How to analyse any stock or market in 10 seconds”

Posted by Michael Campbell interviews Tyler Bolhorn

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A quick way of reducing risk and increasing opportunities plus Oil, Gold & Stock Market analysis.


1. Key Tool:

It is such a key tool, and with Tyler’s method you can look at a chart of anything from an individual company to real estate and quickly determine where it is likely to go. Basic principles in analysis of charts reveal a great reflection of what the market thinks of the fundamentals of a company or market.

2. Oil Gaining Momentum:

Presently, the Oil chart shows that momentum to the upside is waning. Why the easy money has been made to the upside.

3. Gold Long Term Switching From Bear to Bull:

Last week shows a turnaround from Bear to Bull. First there was a break of the downward trend-line, then the build-up of a rising bottom indicating optimism followed by an abnormal break to the upside in the last week of April. Though Gold looks like it wants to continue the upward momentum, Tyler explains why Gold stocks are risky here.

4. There’s a 70% chance that the Dow will run to its April highs:

 The Dow Jones Industrials has had a great run up from the low in February 2016. Though that great rally has brought the stock market up into overhead resistance there’s a very good chance its going higher. The question is whether the risk is worth the reward. 

michaelcampbellpic2About Michael Campbell:

One of Canada`s most respected business analyst, Michael is best known as the host of Canada’s top rated syndicated business radio show MoneyTalks. Each week Campbell conducts interviews with important people from business and finance from internationally renowned analysts like James Dines, Martin Armstrong, Eric Coffin, Greg Weldon, Mark Leibovit, Dennis Gartman and many more. Michael’s Inside Edge subscribers have made, and perhaps more importantly, saved money based on his analysis of market trends and opportunities. Including advocating picking up blue-chip dividend paying stocks in every major dip since 2011, getting out of gold in September of 2012, recommending $US denominated assets in Dec of 2013, and getting out of oil stocks in Jan of 2014.