Precious – Base Metals & Energy Review & Outlook For 2016

Posted by Andrew Hecht - Technomentals

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– Double-digit losses across the board.

– Gold moved lower but remained strong relative to other precious metal prices.

– PGMs were the worst performers.

– Lower lows and lower highs.

– The dollar, U.S. interest rates and China are not bullish for precious metals in 2016.….continue reading HERE

Energy Fourth Quarter Review And The Outlook For 2016


– Energy was the worst performing sector of Q4 and 2015.

– Heating oil was the worst performing commodity in the sector.

– Crack spreads diverge.

– Natural gas trades to decade and a half lows.

– Political premium on crude oil disappears.….continue reading HERE

Base Metals Fourth Quarter Review And Outlook For 2016


– Base metal prices moved lower again in Q4.

– The only base metal that appreciated in Q4 was lead which was the best performer in the sector in 2015.

– Nickel was the worst performing base metal of the quarter and the year.

– China and deflationary pressures caused the sector to lose almost one quarter of its value on the year.

– Base metals are the second worst performing commodity sector of 2015.…..continue reading HERE