Paul Craig Roberts – The Greatest Human Threat The World Has Ever Known

Posted by Paul Craig Roberts via King World News

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King-World-News-Paul-Craig-Roberts-The-Whole-World-Is-Staring-Down-The-Barrel-Of-Gun-As-Global-Collapse-Looms-1728x800 c

King-World-News-Paul-Craig-Roberts-The-Whole-World-Is-Staring-Down-The-Barrel-Of-Gun-As-Global-Collapse-Looms-1728x800 cWith the eyes of the world still focused on the Fed meeting, today Dr. Paul Craig Roberts warned King World News about the greatest human threat the world has ever known.  This is an ominous warning from the former U.S. Treasury official as he is warning global leaders the world is headed for disaster.

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Former U.S. Treasury Official

March 17 (King World News) – Washington’s EU vassals might be finding their backbone. Britain, Germany, France, and Italy are reported to have defied Washington’s orders and applied to join the Chinese-led Asian Investment Bank. Australia, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland and Luxembourg might also join……continue reading HERE