Opinion: Jim Rogers does not like U.S. stocks one bit

Posted by Jim Rogers via MarketWatch

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MW-DO749 Jim Ro 20150624153247 ZH

MW-DO749 Jim Ro 20150624153247 ZH” I see Japan still down 50% from its highs, China down 30%, and Russia the most hated market in the world, so I have bought all three in recent years and weeks.

I am not long the U.S. because I see better opportunities elsewhere. If the U.S. goes down by 13%, and I’m making that number up, and Washington comes to the rescue, I might conceivably buy stocks at that time.sd

Why should I buy the U.S., which is wildly popular and expensive, when I can buy Russia, which is hated and cheap? There is nothing wrong with buying U.S. stocks if you know what you are doing. For me, it’s easier to buy stocks cheap.” Jim Rogers

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