Nov 9th Live Webinar

Posted by Tyler Bollhorn

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tylerwebinarThe Secret to Identifying Opportunities in the Stock Market

Immediately following the MoneyTalks broadcast on Saturday November 9th we invite you to tune in to a FREE live webinar with our friend Tyler Bollhorn. Listen and watch from one of Canada’s top independent traders. Only the 1st 500 who register will be able to login on Saturday so we urge you to sign up today.

1. Don’t Paddle Up Stream
You can trade with the trend or against it, just as you can paddle a canoe up a river or down. It is possible to succeed by fighting the trend but it is very difficult so it is best to know how to determine a stock’s trend and whether the market is optimistic or pessimistic about the company. Tyler will show how.

2. Stay Positive
You should have an approach to the market that includes strategies that have a positive expected value. Tyler will explain what this means and how to devise a positive strategy.

3. Know Your ABC’s
Be sure to understand the importance of Alpha, Beta and Correlation when picking stocks, it can help you focus on the stocks that have the best potential for market beating performance.

4. Stock’s Aren’t Risky, People Are
Stocks are unpredictable, the only thing you can control is how you manage risk. Tyler will show how to limit losses and manage risk.

5. Let the Market Tell You What to Do
Every day there are stocks telling you to buy them, you just need a tool to find them. Tyler will demonstrate how he finds trading opportunities for both long term investing and short term trading.