New genes for you?

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The idea behind gene and cell therapy is to introduce organic material into a body that needs help. Bone marrow transplants, also known as stem cell transplants, infuse either your own stem cells (autologous) or someone else’s stem cells (allogeneic) into your body. This is done when your bone marrow no longer produces healthy blood cells, often a result of cancer treatments (chemotherapy). Stem cell infusion enables the body to once again produce healthy blood cells.

Stem cell therapy is well established in mainstream medicine. However, gene therapy has lagged behind, as the research is difficult, and one infamous human test failed badly, ending in the death of the patient. The idea with gene therapy is to introduce a healthy gene into the body, replacing all of the unhealthy genes, such as the gene that causes Cystic Fibrosis. The idea is sound in that we can now positively identify problem genes and we can identify and isolate good genes to replace them with. The really difficult part is finding a safe and effective way to…Click to read full article.