My goal is to change your investment results forever

Posted by Michael Campbell

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Screen Shot 2012-10-16 at 6.04.20 PM
Screen Shot 2012-10-16 at 6.04.20 PMI hate reading junk postings so let me start by saying that if you’re not interested in finding out the techniques that Tyler Bollhorn used in September to make money on 90% of his trades or finding out how you can literally take 15 minutes a month to significantly improve your investment results then don’t read another word – and please forgive the interruption. 
If you’re still reading then let me get right to the point. My experience is that one of the big reasons people have trouble in the investment markets is because they don’t have a system to tell them when to buy and when to sell. What’s a shame is that with the right system and the right teacher, it’s easy – that’s right, easy – to get a set of tools that you can use immediately to improve your investment results. 
Speaking from personal experience – Tyler Bollhorn does a fabulous job of teaching those tools. The same tools he used in September to make money on 90% of his trades. That was obviously a great month but Tyler’s system of learning to identify new profit opportunities – and equally important, learning when to sell – has a terrific track record. 
Of course no system makes money every time but using a proven system certainly enhances you probability of success over time. 
Here’s the Deal
You should understand that my goal is to literally change your investment results forever. To that end I have asked Tyler to come and do two seminars – Monday, October 29th in Calgary and Tuesday, October, 30th in Vancouver – that focus on his specific techniques to vastly improve your investment results. 
Tyler will show how you can identify the specific patterns that indicate a stock’s going higher. As he says, “the vast majority of winning stocks show a simple characteristic early in their price trends. Abnormal price and volume activity out of the right kind of pattern will often lead to market beating trends in stocks, whether you trade to hold for days, weeks or years.” He will show you specifically what to look for and demonstrate the tools that he uses to identify these promising situations. 
This is just one part of the equation. Tyler will also focus on how to minimize risk and how to determine when you should sell. 
This Part Is Going To Be Really Interesting
If you are one of the people who says – “that’s fine but I don’t have the time” –Tyler will show you how your computer can do most of the work. He’ll show you how to research the entire market in only a few minutes. He will show you the technique he uses to filter the market for strong stocks and why getting tools that allow you to “read” the market is more accurate than human opinion can ever be.
If you don’t have even 15 minutes a day then Tyler still has a fascinating technique for you. Tyler has a strategy for trading Exchange Traded funds that requires 15 – 30 minutes a month and allows you to significantly improve your investment results. He will focus on identifying the sectors that are leading the overall market and stick with them while the trade is working. And he will show you when to get out of the trade. 
The Best Part – plus a Money Back Guarantee
Most trading seminar cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and if you learn some tools that help you improve your investment it is easy to make your money back many times over. Tyler usually charges upwards of $3,000 for his weekend seminar but I thought that with his new book coming out, The Mindless Investor, there might be an opportunity to get him to speak. I then asked Disnat to be the major sponsor. It’s all come together and Tyler has agreed to do an evening seminar with me on Monday, October 29th in Calgary and Tuesday, October, 30th in Vancouver – and the price is only $99. 
And if you can’t attend in person you can order a subscription to the top-quality streaming video archive of the event.
As an analyst at Forex Mentor told me when he heard about the seminar – “if that price is a problem then you have no business being there.”  I agree but just to make it even easier I will personally give you your money back if Tyler doesn’t deliver what I’ve outlined above. 
I think this is an incredible chance to learn how to improve your investment results. And let’s face it – it’s not hard to get $99 of value if you make even one transaction a year. 
Special Bonus
Our goal is to make sure you can use the techniques immediately and to that end I’ve asked Tyler to also make available:
  • A two month subscription to his daily newsletter and trade alert, normally a $118 cost, (for new subscribers only)
  • PLUS a two months Stockscores Advanced membership, regularly a $58 cost,  (again for new Stockscores members only). 
  • PLUS I am working one other special bonus for attendees that I’ll tell you about at the event. 
The truth is that it’s not really about money back guarantees and bonuses. We’re just trying to make it as attractive as possible. Our goal is straightforward – we want to permanently improve your investment results – and this seminar can do it.
All my best, 
P.S.  As you may know from past conferences, I’m especially keen on educating younger people – and older people for matter – (no age discrimination allowed) – so we are allowing the first 25 ticket buyers for each location to bring a younger (or older) friend at NO extra charge. Just write that you want the 2nd free ticket in the Order Notes when completing your ticket purchase online. Or call Grant in our office at 1.877.926.6849
Or go to and Click on Events