Musk’s 4000mph Hyperloop Unveiled

Posted by Charles Gunning

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Musk Unveils Plans for $10 Billion Hyperloop Transportation System. The Entreprenuer who blew Detroit out the the water with hisTesla Electric Car and has become so cost efficient with his Rocketry that NASA uses his Company SpaceX to supply the Space Station.

The Billionaire creator of PayPal unveiled the details of his superfast transportation system, Hyperloop, that would be a solar-powered system between cities that could take passengers or cars — much like a ferry system- only much much faster. He describes the Hyperloop is described as a “cross between a Concorde and a railgun and an air hockey table” that will get people from NY to LA in 45 minutes traveling at 4000mph. 

Here is a written and a visual report of the plans for Hyperloop that he unveiled today August 12th: